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Shipping & Returns

Shipping & Returns

Shipping & Returns

All shipments are packaged in and shipped from Atlanta, GA.  Domestic shipments are sent via FedEx.  International shipments are sent via the USPS.  Each shipment includes an invoice on the outside of each box along with any necessary customs documentation.

Packaging & Labeling

All shipments are well-packed in sturdy cardboard boxes and protected with packing material.  Each box is labeled with the shipping addressed provided by the client and a contact name.  If more than one box is shipped, boxes are numbered (ex: 2 of 5).

Customs Documentation

We ship using standard customs documents.  If any other documentation or special presentation is required, please advise us in a timely manner by email before the ship date. 


Unless instructed by the client, Pro Pueblo does not insure goods to be shipped.  If the client desires insurance, the cost will be included in shipping costs.

Returns/Exchange Policy

Damaged goods due to production faults or obviously faulty packing will be replaced.  Notification of damages or shortages should take place within ten days of receipt of merchandise.  For investigation and claims purposes, please email digital photos of damaged products or packaging.  Damages due to careless unpacking or handling is the responsibility of the client. 

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