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  • Moreal Angel | 702584 | ProPueblo
  • Moreal Angel | 702584 | ProPueblo
  • Moreal Angel | 702584 | ProPueblo
  • Moreal Angel | 702584 | ProPueblo
  • Moreal Angel | 702584 | ProPueblo
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Moreal Angel-Choose Ornament or Figurine

$ 34.50

 Product Description

High quality workmanship, unique design, and attention to detail, makes this tagua carving a unique reproduction. For nature lovers, these ornaments combine natural vegetable ivory and fine craftsmanship to create a realistic collectible. Our ornaments are mostly used as decorative objects or as favors for festivities.  Dimensions: 2.25" x 2.75" x 2"

Dimensions are approximate as this is a hand-made product.

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Pro Pueblo’s artisans are located in the coastal regions of Ecuador where it can be difficult to find reliable and consistent work. Pro Pueblo creates work opportunities and encourages growth and independent livelihoods for local artisans in their home villages. One of our primary efforts are to help the women produce handicrafts that allow them to work out of their home and care for their family. Artisans are offered support in areas where they usually lack expertise, logistics, or financial means.

All of Pro Pueblo’s products come individually packaged. Most ornaments and all figurines come in handmade, recycled balsa wood boxes and all jewelry comes in either balsa wood boxes or burlap bags. All of our products are packed with individual tags that explain Pro Pueblo’s mission as well as the story of the tagua nut. Custom boxes are also available with your logo on orders of 50 or more.

Pro Pueblo focuses on raising living standards, improving basic infrastructure, job training, employment and international marketing of high quality Ecuadorian artisan products. Pro Pueblo offers a variety of products including home decoration, jewelry, and organizing accessories for the living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, bath, and garden. Elegant and finely crafted, Pro Pueblo handicrafts add a personal touch to businesses and homes around the world.

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