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Creating Work Opportunities

Creating Work Opportunities

Creating Work Opportunities

Pro Pueblo creates work opportunities, and encourages growth and independent livelihoods for local artisans in their home villages. One of our primary efforts are to help the women produce handicrafts that allow them to work out of their home and care for their family.

Artisans are offered support in areas where they usually lack expertise, logistics, or financial means. Another important function of the foundation is to absorb any credit risk. The foundation offers artisan financing for the purchase of small equipment and tools. Usually, financing is for six months with gradual payments deducted from the value of the delivered products.

Due to the benefits of this business model, independent artisan groups working in their home villages continue to join Pro Pueblo's growing network of craftspeople.

Quality Delivered

Attractive wrapping or packaging is an integral part of marketing the final product. For this reason, the design and production of packaging has become an important part of our activities. For local distribution, we use recycled packing materials. Export products are packed in solid carton boxes with interior balsa reinforcements.

Our retailers are provided product specific displays including a display tree for ornaments, as well as one for bracelet and earring displays.




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