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About Us

About Us

About Us

Pro Pueblo focuses on raising living standards, improving basic infrastructure, job training, employment and international marketing of high quality Ecuadorian artisan products.

Diminishing employment opportunities have left fewer funds for basic education and adequate healthcare. Independent artisans working out of their home villages are continuously joining Pro Pueblo's growing network of appoximately four hundred craftspeople, of which approximately half are women. Mothers are able to work out of their homes and the production of certain handicrafts involve various family members.

Providing artisans with a network where they can work independently encourages them to take initiative, improve their skills and plan a brighter future. Through our efforts, we have assisted over twenty-one communities in organizing and installing entire water systems.

Our History

Pro Pueblo was founded in 1992, by the Swiss HOLCIM group, as a private non-profit organization working with the Ecuadorian coastal communities on the western slopes of the Chongon Colonche mountain range.

Pro Pueblo's first job opportunity and environmental awareness program began in 1994 with the creation of a beekeeping network. Initially, three communities started with fifty-nine hives generating a modest yearly production. When there is floration, eleven communities with 1500 beehives produce approximately 20,000 litres of honey a year. This production activity amounts to the equivalent of forty-two full-time workers.

This program received support from the Swiss development organization, FOES, and is now an independent cooperative.


Hand-Crafted Gifts & Jewelry

Pro Pueblo offers a variety of products including home decoration, jewelry, and organizing accessories for the living room, kitchen, dining room, bedroom, bath, and garden.

Elegant and finely crafted, Pro Pueblo handicrafts add a personal touch to businesses and homes around the world.


Our Growth


Ongoing training and motivation programs at Pro Pueblo's San Antonio workshop and retail facility attract new artisans and different types of craft activities.

Pro Pueblo works exclusively with skilled and responsible artisans that deliver high quality products in a timely manner. Artisans generally are short on investment capital to expand their business and buy appropriate equipment to work more effectively.

The foundation regularly buys tools, accessories, and raw materials, which the artisans can later purchase as part of a credit program.



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